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We come to you – Huber Demo Trailer

We come to you – Huber Demo Trailer


On behalf of Huber Technology, we would like to offer our Rotamat ® Screw Press RoS3Q 280 for pilot testing at your facility to give you a true example of the capabilities of our equipment. The unit is mounted inside a 28’ enclosed trailer. The RoS3Q 280 is designed to dewater a variety of sludge types (e.g. primary, secondary, or a blend of both sludge types).

The pilot unit is designed for a sludge capacity range of approximately 5 to 30 GPM with a Dissolved Solid (DS) content of 1.0 – 3.0 % (applications with requirements of up to 6% DS sludge are possible). The separation efficiency is typically 95 – 98% and the dewatering always depends on the type of sludge.

For demonstration details on please click here: Huber Pilot Trailer.


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