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Introducing BlueInGreen | Solutions for Water Quality

Introducing BlueInGreen | Solutions for Water Quality

Dear Friends,
A few of you asked about odor control as we get closer to summer months.  Yep, those down-wind neighbors close to your plant get a little vocal as they open their windows. Most of you already know that we represent Bioconservacion for engineered carbon media, but Henry found another “BIG” solution to the problem using…you guessed it Henry’s Law S = kP.


Walker Wellington is proud to officially represent BlueInGreen “BIG”. Not sure what they are all about? Check the video below – BlueInGreen offers advanced Gas dissolution systems for aeration, pH adjustment, disinfection and … odor control.



BlueInGreen “BIG” boasts a number of advantages including:

  • Efficiency & Power Savings – By taking advantage of Henry’s law, BlueInGreen systems produce higher concentration solution, using less power than other manufacturers.
  • Safety – Their systems treat water naturally with oxygen, carbon dioxide and ozone, rather than potentially hazardous chemicals. This eliminates you handling, transporting and storing dangerous substances – keeping you and your water safe.
  • Plug and Play – Installation is simple. Just provide their factory-tested, skid-mounted unit with piping, electricity and an Ethernet connection, and your system will be ready to go in no time.
  • Click here for the full list

For more information on this innovative solution or for a one on one site demo at a recent install please give us a call.

Best Regards,
Henry, Rich and Chris

Henry Russell 603-498-2384 l Rich Russell 603-498-6409 l Chris Hubbard 401-601-0523


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