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Chop ‘em up | A solution to Dude Wipes and the Flushable wet wipes problem

Chop ‘em up | A solution to Dude Wipes and the Flushable wet wipes problem

The Flushable wet wipes problem

Yes, Dude wipes are real! If you operate a wastewater treatment facility, you likely have this problem already, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Flushable wipes (aka: baby wipes, wet wipes, even dude wipes……..) are certainly flushable…yes they go down, but they are wreaking havoc on wastewater systems everywhere. Class action lawsuits, town bans, and other legal action are popping up and will take years to work through the legal system.


What can you do to solve the wet wipe problem now?

Install a Vaughan chopper pump(s). In 1960 Vaughan developed a chopper pump for local dairy farmers as manure pumps and has been making chopper pumps that essentially obliterate anything in their path ever since.

Affordable, easy to install and a short term positive ROI – these pumps have become a simple solution to a problem that you have right now. It’s not just wipes – these pumps pulverize almost anything in their path. Many folks over the years have tried to jam these chopper pumps in demo’s. Here’s a snippet of what they’ve tried.

  • How about a rope or a mop? – No problem
  • Garbage Bags / Tarps – Not even a struggle
  • A beach towel and rags? Just watch this video

Vaughan Chopper Pump is the solution to clogged pumps and pipes

In our opinion, the Vaughan Chopper Pump is hands down the best centrifugal chopper pump on the market. Protect your pumps and other downstream components and processes from being ‘wiped’ out. Try a Vaughan today.

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