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Monthly Archives: July 2017

26 07, 2017

Check out this case study on TPO- One of several great ‘flushable’ wipe solutions represented by Walker Wellington

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Case Study: Plant Solves Headworks Screening Challenge Oostburg’s Black River Falls facility is a lean operation with limitations in space for screening technology and in the staff resources available to manage, maintain and report on the village’s processes. Even though space was limited, Oostburg knew that putting a headworks screening solution in place would improve [...]

25 07, 2017

Vaughan Conditioning Pump – Reduce or Eliminate Your Costly Vacuum Truck Visits

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At some point, your tanks, wet wells and sumps need to cleaned out. As you know better than we do, that often entails a costly visit from a vacuum truck. What if we could share with you a solution that has the possibility of paying for itself in just one year? Introducing the Portable Vaughan [...]