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29 05, 2018

Compact Solution to Replace Primary Clarifiers

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The Drumscreen LIQUID fine screening system by Huber Technology  provides an interesting alternative to primary settling tanks. Fine screening achieves better removal rates than a conventional primary settling tank but on a much smaller footprint and with significantly lower investment costs   Source: Compact Solution to Replace Primary… | Treatment Plant Operator

25 03, 2018

Septage Receiving Challenges? We have you covered. The Huber RoFAS demo trailer is coming back to New England this spring. Call us to arrange a trial at your plant.

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30 01, 2018

A plant staff with experience operating a belt filter press and centrifuge has decided on the use of the Huber Technology Q-Press. The new technology helped them overcome the challenging dewatering situation brought on by their anaerobically digested sludge. Walker Wellington is proud to represent Huber Technology in New England.  Want to see the Q in action?  Give us a ring.

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Source: South Dearborn’s Experience with Multiple | Treatment Plant Operator

11 12, 2017

Interested in Learning More about Cogeneration | CHP | Cogen ?

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Walker Wellington is proud to announce a new partnership with the world's leading authority in cogeneration (CHP or cogen). Starting in October 2017 Walker Wellington began cooperating with AB in New England with the goal of simplifying cogeneration projects for our clients. If you or your customers have an "energivorous" building or process - or just interested [...]

24 10, 2017

Innovative Thickener Improves Performance

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If you are involved with sludge thickening, you need to take a look at this!   Walker Wellington is proud to represent Huber in New England- call us! The Disc Thickener Technology Becomes Essential to Sludge Process     The Huber S-Disc thickener is the default device for BCR Environmental’s sludge neutralization system.  Read on... Source: Innovative [...]